Backstage With... Tracy Simpson

Q. Tracy, how did you come to join the DCCN?

A. I had been singing with DC Vocals, a local a cappella group, for many years and was looking for something a little different. I've mentioned my DCCN "stalking" before, I really just came across the DCCN website while searching online for other singing opportunities, read a few newsletters, and went to see one of the member showcases. It was several months later that I came across the listing for Steve and George's cabaret class at Theatre Lab, and I signed up right then. After that I was hooked! I will always be grateful to Steve, George, and my classmates for that experience. It took me a while to get myself to an open mike after the class was finished, but everyone was so welcoming, particularly Terri, that it's just been a pleasure.

Q.  You always have such great material. How do you go about selecting songs?

A.·  I tend to come across music in a lot of roundabout ways. I spend some time on websites like, and the sites for various contemporary composers. I also listen to internet radio (like Spotify) at work, and I tend to bounce back and forth between a "standards" channel and a custom channel based on singers I enjoy, like Natalie Weiss and Sutton Foster -- it's turned up some great songs for me. A couple times I've heard a song during the day, come home from work and found the sheet music online, and sung the song at the DCCN open mic a few hours later. I keep an active list of potential songs on my cell phone so I can add to it whenever I hear something I like.


Q. Where will we see and hear you next?

A. I am delighted to be performing along with fellow DCCN member Andrew Harmon in Capitol Hill Arts Workshop's CHAWbaret 11, with performances on April 10 and 11. The theme is Ocean's 11, with lots of water-themed numbers, it should be a lot of fun!