Backstage With... Heather Frank

Q. How did you come to join the DCCN?

A. In 2011, I was invited to participate in a cabaret master class at Levine, where I have been studying voice for several years. I enjoyed it so much that I Googled “cabaret master class” and discovered that Andrea Marcovicci was offering a class in NY the following month. I applied and was accepted and found myself the very nervous first singer in the line-up. I introduced myself by saying that I was new to cabaret and didn’t know anyone in Washington. DCCN stalwart Ron Squeri was also one of the students that day and when he got onstage he pointed at me and said, “We need to talk!”  After the class, Ron introduced me to Michael Miyazaki and they very kindly encouraged me to join the DCCN. It’s been wonderful and I am always so grateful to Ron and Michael for reaching out to me that day at Don’t Tell Mama!

Q. What advice do you have for other cabaret singers who are just starting out?

A.· Get out and sing. Go to the DCCN open mics and look at the monthly newsletter for information about other open mics in the area. People are friendly and welcoming and you don’t have to be a polished performer to participate. We’re all learning and trying things out.


Go to as many shows as you can. It’s how you’ll learn your craft, explore the venues and make connections; if you want people to come to your shows, you should be going to theirs! The DCCN newsletter has performance listings and Cabaret Scenes magazine has listings, performance reviews and more from around the country.


Classes and coaching will help you build confidence and hone your skills in performing and choosing material. George Fulginiti-Shakar and Steven Cupo teach a wonderful cabaret class at Theatre Lab. I’ve also been lucky enough to do some private coaching with George, who is nothing short of amazing at getting to the heart of the material and helping you find your voice. And I can’t say enough for my voice teacher at Levine, Marilyn Moore.    

Q. Where will we see and hear you next?

A. I'll be part of the DCCN ensemble in Hearts and Darts: A Valentine's Celebration With a Twist at St Margaret’s (1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW) at 8pm on February 6. And I’m also excited to announce that you’ll also see me around town as the new director of leadership gifts for Washington Performing Arts.