Backstage With... George Fulginiti-Shakar

Q. George, how did you come to join the DCCN?

A. Wendy Lane Bailey, the founder, and I were doing music together.  She found me and asked if we could work on her singing and on songs. She is a wonderful singer and soon began to make plans to form a group that would promote cabaret singing, which she loved. I told her I'd be glad to help. Then, like the force that she is, it happened that I become part of the first board. And life has been filled with gifted singers since!!

Q.  You are such an insightful coach and teacher. How do you help singers to find "their" songs?

It is most important to be truthful in your singing. And if I don't believe it, I say so -- and then we look at why you picked this song, and what you want to say with it. What's the purpose of this song? Not just a collection of notes, no matter how beautifully sung. I think the hardest thing in cabaret singing is to just be yourself, even if it's only a part of yourself at  time.


Q. Where will we see and hear you next?

A. I'll be Music Director for Gala Theatre's production of "Las Polacas." And, until May 3, at the Shakespeare Theatre conducting "Man of La Mancha." What a gift!