Backstage With... Christy Frye

Q. Christy, how did you come to the DCCN?

A. I read a book called The Cabaret Artist’s Handbook, by Bob Harrington, and there was a listing with contact information in the book. I joined immediately, contacted Wendy Lane
Bailey and started working with Erv Raible. That was somewhere around 2002, I think.

Q.  You are such an insightful coach and teacher. How do you help singers to find "their" songs?

It depends on what kind of show I’m doing. First, of course, they have to be songs I like;
songs that touch me in some way.  Then, they have to fit the theme of what I am doing. 
I have to be very strict with myself because I like so many kinds of music and it is easy for me to get distracted! That’s when a good director and good musical director are crucial.  

For my current show, I listened to music that I remembered loving growing up, researched the Top 100 lists of the years that the show covers to jog my memory about other songs, listened to those, then bought sheet music for my favorites. I also got recommendations from my director, Lennie Watts, and my musical director, Steven Ray Watkins. After all that, I probably had 50 or 60 songs to choose from. Then it was just a matter of singing them for Lennie and Steven and choosing the ones that we liked the best and that best served the show.

Q. Where will we see and hear you next?

A. I am very excited that my next show will be my New York City solo debut!  It’s called Feels Like the First Time—Things I Learned from the Car Radio. The first two shows are May 30 and June 6, at 5PM, at Don’t Tell Mama NYC. We’ve got a great selection of songs, wonderful musicians and backup singers, and some fabulous arrangements.  It’s going to be fun!  Y’all come!